Family Law (Domestic)

Domestic Law, the term is commonly interchanged with Family Law or Domestic Law, are essentially all the same. The areas that Mr. Casey practices in are as follows:

Name Change Name Changes can be done for many reasons, including; return to prior or maiden name, change your child's name to that of the father, or change to the name you've always used.

Contempt/Child Support This is usually failure to pay child support, which comes in two (2) forms; either your trying to get some child support or you have not paid child support.

If you are trying to collect child support, Mr. Casey offers you a choice of either: paying him per hour with a retainer (down payment), that is non-refundable, plus costs; or on a contingency wherein he receives one-third of whatever he collects, plus costs. Please see his current fee schedule for his rates.

If you are defending an action against you, Mr. Casey will charge by the hour with a retainer.

Pre-Nups (Pre-Nuptial), actually called "Anti-Nuptial" in Georgia, are becoming more valuable and necessary. In our world of today with all the second and third marriages, blended families, marriages to foreigners, age discrepancies and so forth, it is extremely important to protect your assets.

Generally what these documents say is that "what is yours will remain yours, what is your spouses will remain your spouses and never the twain shall meet" in the event of a termination of the marriage.

You and your future spouse, or current spouse (as Georgia allows Anti-Nuptials Agreements after you are married) will list all your property and assets, and debts and liabilities in an agreement. This will help protect your property, bank accounts, retirement accounts, investments and sop forth if your marriage ends in termination.

Juvenile The procedures of the Juvenile Court are very similar to adult courts, yet there are significant differences. Mr. Casey practices in the Juvenile Court on a regular basis and is familiar with its procedures. Please note that Juvenile Court acts faster than most other courts. Mr. Casey represents clients in both criminal (delinquency) and custody (depravation, reunification and termination).

All Other Domestic Matters All other matters in the Domestic or Family Law field are done on an hourly basis. These matters are handled and charged on a case by case basis.

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