Retaining Mr. Casey

Payments are easy through PayPal. Just select the correct Payment Option and PayPal will guide you through.

Please put the Client's name in the note section at the end so we can properly post the payment to the correct client.

If you are paying Mr. Casey's Fee only or his fee and the costs associated with your case, use the option under "Fees and Costs". If you are only paying Costs use the "Costs Only" option,. Please note we are required to charge a $15 fee for Costs Only.

Bankruptcy Clients DO NOT USE YOUR CREDIT CARD. You can use your debit card, but not your credit card. A friend can use their credit card, but Bankruptcy Clients cannot use their credit card.

Unfortunately, if the wrong option is used, it may cause the fees to be returned and you may incur additional charges and other possible legal ramifications.

Fees and Costs

.....Costs Only