Bankruptcy is a legal process guaranteed by the Constitution of these United States that may allow you to relive yourself of the burdens of excessive debt either completely or in a manner that you can afford.
Your creditors must comply with your bankruptcy even if they refused to work with you in the past. Federal Law mandates they comply.
Being Constitutionally guaranteed, Bankruptcy Courts are part of the Federal Court system and have all the powers and protections that Federal Law can give you.

Mr. Casey's Bankruptcy practice is limited to the "Consumer Bankruptcy", Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. While you may have heard of other Bankruptcy options such as Chapter 11 (Business Reorganization) or Chapter 12 (Family Farming), Mr. Casey has limited his Bankruptcy practice to Chapter 7 & 13 to best address your needs.

The Stress Relief of Your Financial Burden can usually be obtained in a straight forward manner and Mr. Casey's experience over 25 years in the Bankruptcy area will usually make this process very easy and smooth.

Federal Law will freeze almost any legal problems you have once your Bankruptcy is filed, the weight of your financial problems and those sleepless nights will finally come to end.

Which Bankruptcy is Right for You? That all depends on your debt structure and your particular situation.
A Chapter 7 is a "Complete" or "Total" Bankruptcy, simplistically it eliminates* all your debts. You generally keep your house and car and all your property. The usual example is eliminating credit cards, hospital bills and other unsecured debts,but you will still have to pay on you house and car. Yet, you don't eliminate the debt on your house or car and so forth unless you give up that property. Click here here "Chapter 7 Walkthrough".
A Chapter 13 works best when there is a lump sum of money that is owed and, if not paid by a certain time, something drastically is going to happen. An example of these are a house foreclosure, going to jail for child support, a repossession of your vehicle, garnishment and so forth. There are other reasons to file a Chapter 13 and Mr. Casey will see if they apply to you. Click here for "Chapter 13 Walkthrough"".
Mr. Casey will meet with you and discuss your options and what he can and cannot do for you. He will review your case and let you know his opinion on which chapter is best for you.

You Can File for Bankruptcy no matter what you've heard, your ability to file Bankruptcy is still a right you have. In 2005 our elected Congressmen and Senators attempted to severally restrict your rights in Bankruptcy, yet the right to file still exists. While these fine public servants decided to protect creditors over the citizens of this country, the ability to file Bankruptcy still exists as long as you cannot meet your current obligations.

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Bankruptcy Forms

Basic Bankruptcy Workbook

Child Support Supplemental

Vehicle Supplemental

Real Property Supplemental

Self-Employed Supplemental

Financial Supplemental

Mortgage Payment Log (Chpt 13)

Trustee Payment Log (Chpt 13)



Which Form Do I Need?

The Basic Bankruptcy Workbook is needed as it gives Mr. Casey the basic information necessary for your case, regardless if you are filing a Chapter 7 or 13.
The Child Support Supplement will be needed if you or your spouse are paying child support.
Vehicle Supplemental is needed if you own more than 3 vehicles or any ATVs, boats and so forth.
Real Property Supplemental will be needed if you or your spouse own more than your primary residence (the house that you live in).
Self Employed Supplemental will be needed if you or your spouse have any income, or had any income for the last 4 years, form self-employment, whether incorporated or not.
Financial Supplemental will be needed if you have investments that go beyond your IRS/401(k) and similar investments. is used in a Chapter 13 case to track each and every mortgage payment you make.
Mortgage Payment Log is used in a Chapter 13 case to track each and every mortgage payment you make.
Trustee Payment Log is used in a Chapter 13 case to track each and every mortgage payment you make.

* "Eliminate" is not what technically happens when you get your discharge, a Bankruptcy Discharge puts an injunction against ability to collect the debt. The net effect is that most debts can no longer be collected from you.