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Mr. Casey, since 1989, has practiced in numerous fields of law and countless courts all over Georgia. From disputing neighbors over grass cuttings to vastly complicated interpleader cases in federal court, and everything in between. He has represented clients in Worker's Comp, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Misdemeanor and Felony Charges,Contract Litigation, All manner of Domestic including, Divorce, Child Support Collection and Defense, Legitimation, Name Change, "Pre-Nuptial" Agreements (Georgia calls them "Anti-Nuptial" Agreements).

Yet he is best known for his work in, which he often called upon by his colleagues, his primary areas of practice. These areas include Bankruptcy, Traffic, Wills (Including Trusts and Probate) and Juvenile Court.

  • Bankruptcy, Chapters 7 & 13, are no stranger to Mr. Casey. He has practiced in the Bankruptcy Field since 1992. He also is not afraid to sue the IRS or others within your Bankruptcy Case (called an "Adversary Proceeding") and has done so many times.
  • Traffic cases can be deceiving and have many "land mines" to the unaware. Special attention needs to be taken when addressing CDLs, Under 18 and Under 21, as you are especially vulnerable with all their unique rules and laws. Even regular drivers (Class C Licenses) can face suspension without realizing the ramifications.
  • Wills, including Trusts, are a favorite of Mr. Casey's. He thoroughly enjoys creating an estate plan that fits your desires, needs and budget. Making your property, which you have worked long and hard for all your life, easily transferred to your family is important to you and Mr. Casey.
  • Juvenile Court presents unique challenges as it has its own procedure and terminology. While they same rights exists as in other courts, the needs of addressing juveniles and their parents requires special knowledge and experience, Which Mr. Casey has done almost his entire legal career.

He limits his practice to the State of Georgia.

We Do Not Pass Judgment on your current position or what caused you to be in your position, we just want to help you resolve your problem.

Our Fees are reasonable, competitive and usually established up front and usually in writing.

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We Are Proud to be a
Debt Relief Agency

The United States Supreme Court
and the Congress and the Senate
of these United States

has designated Mr. Casey as a Federally authorized Debt Relief Agency. He proudly helps people file for Bankruptcy Protection under the Bankruptcy Code.

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